Wondering to do what after 10th? Worry no more

Now that you are done with class 10th, you must be wondering which are the best courses after the 10th. May you wonder if there are some other options? Today, we will discuss what after 10th.

It is important to have a clear career plan. A good level of knowledge about the right courses after 10th class for smooth passage from your school life to a happy professional life. Let’s look at what are the courses after the 10th.

If you don’t have good knowledge about what after 10th, you may make the wrong decisions.

For this reason, you should consider career guidance. 

Career Guidance after 10th

There are too many options available these days. That makes the biggest problem for the students and parents. 

They can’t decide between what are the courses after 10th. Before, there were only three streams to choose from. Now there are so many what after 10th.

A career counselor can help you with this. With his or her help, you can figure out which course to choose after your 10th pass.

Also, you may want to choose a different board after the 10th. A career guide can help you with that.

Basic Streams after 10th

There are three major streams you can take what after 10th. Each of these streams leads to a different career path.

Therefore, knowing the basics about these streams is vital in deciding what after 10th.


You will be wrong to think that only low-quality students go to Arts. They do, but some of the highest-ranking students choose the arts stream after 10th as well.

It all depends upon whether you are good at it or not.

The arts stream gives you subjects like what after 10th sociology, history, literature, psychology, political science, philosophy, etc.

These subjects will lead you to careers like journalism, literature, social works, teaching, etc.


This is numerically the most-chosen stream what after 10th. Because it offers easy jobs quicker in career paths.

Banking, marketing, and financial sectors are populated with people specializing in commerce. 

Commerce is divided into economics, business studies, and accountancy.


The holy grail for many students below 10, science offers possibly the highest-paid jobs. But it needs long and hard work before you get there.

As you may know, biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics are the four main subjects in Science what after 10th. 

They further divide later into numerous specializations. Each of these is valuable in their own way.

Studying science can lead you to prestigious jobs like engineering, scientist, pilot, – even astronauts! However, if you’re not good at science, don’t waste time on it or it will waste your time.

Things to consider when choosing what after 10th

When choosing your path after the 10th, you need to keep some things in mind.

A. Career

First and the most significant activity is to consider a career you might want to seek after. 

When you have the clearness in regards to the requirements of the picked area. Expel all the subject alternatives which would limit your way to that career and supplant them with subjects that will assist you with settling on the correct decision. 

B. Performance

Only you can evaluate your qualities, shortcomings, and abilities. So as to investigate what are the courses after 10th you have to take a gander at the choices left with you and comprehend which choices are most appropriate. 

On the off chance that you don’t know about your specialty, at that point getting a career direction after 10th would help you in choosing which courses after 10th are best for you. You should make a point to counsel the master offering you a career directing what after 10th. 

C. Exposure

Now that you are left with hardly any alternatives, take help from your folks. Family members or older friends can guide to comprehend which decision can assist. 

Adding with correcting exposure to your profile can give you a beginning push towards your fantasy career.


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