How to Make Money Using the Internet – A Short Guide

Whether you’re locked down at home, or not getting a job at the office? Either way, you can make some good money using the internet. 

It’s well-known today that many people are making their lives doing online, work from home jobs

You can, too. And it isn’t costly, either.

All you need is a good, steady internet connection, a decent PC or laptop, and necessary skills.

First things first. Do NOT fall for scams! 

There are plenty of scams going on that pretend to pay you a huge amount of income for little work. Don’t fall for them. 

They will either steal money from you instead of giving or make your work and not pay.

The bitter truth is, there is no magic way to get rich quickly doing online work. I know it isn’t good to hear, but that is the fact. Anybody who claims otherwise is lying to you.

As long as you have some skills and are willing to do hard work, you can slowly build up a good business.

Depending upon your choice, you may or may not have to invest some money in your solo business. It can be for learning new skills, or to buy equipment, or to use as seed money.

The good thing is, some of these ways to make money online do not need any investment at all. Just dedication, skill and hard work.

Now let us look at some of the best ways of how to make money using the internet.

1. Stock Trading

If you have some knowledge about how the stock markets work, then this is the best option for you. Of course, you need some seed money.

Stock trading is all about buying stocks or shares when they are cheap, and selling them when they become expensive, for a profit. 

“Buy low, sell high” is the eternal motto of the stock markets.

You can do this, too.

Today, most stock markets have gone digital. There is plenty of software and applications to help you trade company shares. You can utilize them.

All you need is some insight about when the company will lose or gain value in the markets. The better you can guess, the more profits you can make. It is that simple.

Just be aware that this business comes with risk. Sometimes, if your guess is wrong, you can lose instead of gain. 

Better not put all your eggs in one basket then, right?

2. Online Coaching / Consultancy

If you know a lot about one subject, then why not make money sharing that knowledge?

You don’t have to be a real master of the subject. You just have to know more than most people.

Online tutoring has become very popular these days. For example, if you are good at spoken English, you can coach some guy in Portugal in that. You’ll get a good hourly rate.

Similarly, online consultancy and advisory services are very much in demand these days. Such as, if you know about marketing strategies, you can help out a small business or a startup in their marketing plan.

The people who have skills that are greatly on-demand at present earn the most in this way.

3. Be a Youtuber

This is an excellent way to make money using the internet. You know how popular youtube videos can be, right?

The idea is simple. Make an interesting video. Then, upload it on youtube. Then, put ads in the video. Afterward, make people aware of the video. 

And then just sit back and watch the revenue rolling in. It’s that easy!

Read more details about how to get rich from youtube here.

4. Content Writing

Everything you read on the web (or anywhere, for that matter) is content. Can you imagine the sheer amount of content out there? And how much more is needed every day?

Of course, somebody has to write them.

Here is where you come in.

If you got the skills to write a good essay, content writing is the track for you. 

Websites require tons of content every day. And they pay good money to anybody who can write them well.

Just go to any freelancing site and look for such jobs. The pay is healthy, too.

5. Affiliate Marketing

These days, everybody buys stuff online. E-commerce sites make money exponentially. 

And you can get a share of that action too. It’s one of the best ways to make money using the internet. 

All you need to do is to set up an affiliate marketing website and register as such with the original website like amazon.

You need to promote their products on your site, and you are given a link to that site of the product. If anybody uses that link to buy the product from Amazon, you get a share of the money. 

Simple, right?

As I said before, a lot of hard work is required first. You have to set up the web site, which requires web development skills. Then you need some content to promote the product. So, it’s not really a one-man job. 

However, with one good web developer guy and a couple of writers, you can make a decent affiliate marketing site.

When it’s popular enough, maybe companies will pay you to host their product on your site.


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