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Top 3 Online Resume Building Sites

No matter how skilled you are, or how nicely you talk, a crappy resume can tank an interview. You need to be careful while designing a resume. There are online resume building sites that you can take help from.

Some of these sites are free, and some are paid options. Either way, you will get professional help in your online resume writing. Today, let us see some of the best sites that do this.

1. ZETY – best-paid site

If you can afford it, a paid option tops any other. And among them, Zety shines bright. 

The online resume maker web app in Zety is a very powerful studio with lots of options. Almost every section of the resume can be customized with a high degree of detail. Use the preview button to see how it would look like when applied. 

Though they have a limited number of templates, the sheer amount of options can be overwhelming. You can create not only online resumes, but also CV’s and cover letters. (Also read: what’s the difference between CV and resume?)

Once you have customized the resume to your heart’s content, you can download it as a PDF or TXT file. You can also create a permalink to make it available online. Not only that, if you host the resume online, but you can also have an analytics view about who has viewed it.

But what‘s the price for such functionality? So, Zety has three pricing plans. They revolve around your needs.

The basic plan is $5.99 per month. You will get four resume templates in this. Also, unlimited PDF and TXT downloads!

The premium plan costs $17.99 per month. In this, you get 18 templates plus all the benefits of the starter plan. Also, you can make cover letters in this plan. Also, online resume hosting starts here. 

If you don’t plan to use Zetty for very long, then you should opt for the three-month version of the premium plan. It is enclosed within that period only and doesn’t extend. Plus, it costs only $34.99 altogether. 

2. CANVA – best free choice

Why spend before you start earning, right? Canva will be your best friend, then. It is a full-featured online resume builder web site. They actually started as a graphic design tool, but you can use it to make a good visual resume.

It works best if you already have some idea about graphic design. Then, you can start from a blank document and build away. However, for people who aren’t in that field, Canva gives a few templates to begin from as well.

You can just take a template and replace the placeholder data with your own. Or, you can tinker with each section to customize them. All of Canva’s graphic design tools are available for resume building as well. That will help you a lot!

This means you can add and customize elements, shapes, and objects in your resume. All that makes it look like a graphic designer made more of an infographic than a resume. Which, probably, is the very idea.

Granted, all that can be pretty confusing for beginners. But with a bit of elbow grease and can-do attitude (which you will need very much in the interviews), I’m sure anybody can use it. The interface is fairly straightforward and geared towards being user friendly.

The free plan of Canva consists of everything you’ll need for basic online resume building. You get a gigabyte of cloud space to store your design assets, which is enough for individuals. The enterprise plan in Canva gives you tons of free pictures and collaboration options for $12.95 monthly if you need to use it professionally.

3. KICKRESUME – from beginners to specialization

Offering plenty of templates right at the start, Kickresume is great for beginners. The templates are organized by industry. This means you have a great chance of target-specific online resume making with Kickresume.

Another great feature of kick resume is that the sample resumes you see in the beginning are of the people who actually got hired using those resumes. This is a great confidence boost. Unfortunately seeing real-life successful resumes require you to cough up the mullah.

You can work on your online resume here in two ways. You can either start using the resume wizard. Or, you can import your data from LinkedIn. Which is pretty cool, I say!

The downside is that you can get only three basic resume formats for free. To get the plethora of 30+ resume templates, 20 cover letter templates, and unlimited files, you have to pay. You can pay $15 monthly, or you can pay $48 for the whole year. 


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