Dress code in Interviews – How to Dress Properly for F2F Round

There is no compelling reason to state that it is so critical to establish a decent first connection with the questioners and the degree to which our clothing regulation is going to influence it. Today, we will talk about the importance of Dress code in Interviews.

In the event that you are planning for your arrangements and showed up here to peruse this article, at that point you as of now comprehend the significance of an appropriate clothing regulation in the corporate world. 

Formal clothing standard for Women

In India, ladies are frequently befuddled with regards to dressing for a meeting. The explanation is they couldn’t conclude whether to settle on the western outfits or the customary Indian formals. What’s more, since the vast majority of the organizations enlisting in India permit them two. So it is proposed to pick that style of dressing, where you feel great. 

On the off chance that you go for Indian formals, utilize plain cotton sarees or Salwar Kameez with plain dupatta. Stay away from low profile neck areas. Favor light pastel shades. Try not to utilize bright garments. 

While picking western formals, utilize a plain light shaded shirt with formal pants or skirt of traditionalist length, up to the knee. Lean toward dull shades for the pants. In winters, a jacket or moderate suit can be utilized. Maintain a strategic distance from a lot of make-up and utilize basic gems. Utilize low heels with the goal that you feel good. 

Formal clothing regulation for Men

Men can wear plain light-hued conventional shirts and a tie. Pant ought to be plain and of dull shade. In winters, wear a moderate suit or jacket of strong (for example dark/naval force) shading. 

The tie ought to be basic, preservationist and not very gaudy. It should coordinate the shade of the shirt or suit. Shirt ought to be taken care of, and shoes ought to be all around cleaned. Hair ought to be perfect and clean. Maintain a tactful distance from pants and T-shirts. These are considered unprofessional.

A few more tips about dressing for interviews

Likewise deal with the accompanying things: 

  • Utilize agreeable cotton garments. 
  • Prepare your garments cleaned and a day prior to the meeting. 
  • Prior to going for a meeting, guarantee that you have all the necessary garments. 
  • Your nails and teeth ought to be flawless and clean. 
  • Your hair ought not to be excessively long. 
  • Your shoes ought to be cleaned. 
  • You must deal with your personal odor. Utilize an antiperspirant in the wake of scrubbing down. 
  • You should never wear tennis shoes, boisterous shoes, or extremely high heels for a meeting. 
  • Don’t ever bring biting gum, espresso, pop, iPod and so on to the meeting. 
  • Perhaps the most useful dress – wear a smile on the face.


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