Importance of Body Language in an Interview

In order to attain a job in this competitive world, one should possess beyond right academics and skills. Interviewers have also started considering other factors such as body language along with academic qualifications to achieve the organisational goals.

Interviewers are considering this body language of an interviewee during the interview process to access whether interviewee fit for the position or not. Hence, working on body language become indispensable to all interviewees to stand out from the crowd.

Here, we discuss some key points with regards to building a positive body language which helps you to ace in the job interview.

Go For A Perfect Handshake

Hand gesture or handshake is the first point to contact in order to connect with an interviewer that also increases the confidence level. While giving a handshake to the interview panel, never commit any mistake because that impression lasts till the end.

You should also dress properly in an interview.

Never Hide Your Smile

Smiling is one of the biggest things you should not hide in an interview process. The smile is the only indication to an interviewer that you are conscious about what he/she is asking. A genuine smile will give a good impression and makes you connect with an interviewer.

Eyes are the most important element in the body that expresses your emotions and feelings without any filter. Interviewers assess the confidence level and your passion towards the job by looking into your eyes. Hence, we advise job-seekers to maintain intermittent eye contact during the interview process. It is often believed that people who are honest and tell the truth maintain eye-contact.

Be Careful With Your Fingers

Raising a finger while explaining something is a habit to many job-seekers most that should be stopped because in many cases it may be wrongly portrayed.

Many interviewers also believe that raising fingers is an unprofessional or uncivilised behaviour in the corporate sector. Apart from this, raising the fingers may also lead to an argument with the interviewer rather than discussion.

Stop Butterfly Legs

The leg posture is also considered by interviewers. Constant leg movement distracts the interviewer and displays your nervousness and anxiousness. Hence, always sit straight and keep your legs calm.

Sit Appropriately

The sitting posture is one more thing that displays your interest in a job. When interviewers offer a seat make sure you sit-up right. You can lean slightly forward but not flexed backwards. Never make yourself sit like a statue during an interview process.

Avoid Unprofessional Behaviour

An interview is a formal process and interviewers will count each and everything seriously. When an interview process is going, many job-seekers touch their face or play with hair which ends up with a negative result.

Changing body language is a challenging task to anyone because it is habitual and cannot be changed overnight, but try to avoid the unprofessional things to make your interview discussion much more interesting.

Body Language

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