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Work from Home Jobs in India – Home based Jobs

India is emerging slowly as a major player in the contract-based online work field. There are many great work from home jobs in India. With unemployment being a major factor, many Indians are steadily leaning towards part time jobs and home based work. Today, let us see some of the best options you have if you want to work from home.

The first question that comes into mind is that are these jobs really well-paying? Well, if we’re not talking about celebrity-level work, even then you can earn anywhere between 10k to 90k a month. And you can do all that without stepping foot out the front door. How cool is that?

Pros and Cons of Work From Home Jobs

Before jumping into our list of part time jobs, let us see if working from is fit for you or not. This would depend upon your mindset and the kind of environment you are comfortable with. The following are the good stuff and bad stuff about online part time jobs. Read them and see how it weighs for you.

Advantages of work from home jobs

  • You don’t have to worry about commuting.
  • You can take your work and deliver to anyone in any location of the world.
  • Most often, you can choose when and for how long you work.
  • You don’t have to get tangled in office politics.
  • Most of the time there is fair pay for fair work.
  • You can have a better personal life and take more care of your loved ones.
  • Also, you don’t have to worry about excessive pressure or mistreatment from management.
  • You can choose to work on something you love or are good at, instead of rubbing away at stuff you have to because you were told to.
  • You’ll be much happier with your home based job than in office.

Disadvantages of work from home jobs

  • You have to supply all of your hardware, software, and connectivity needs.
  • Also, you get very much dependent upon the internet connection.
  • You would need a separate space in your home where you can work without distraction.
  • All issues have to be resolved by you only.
  • There are no extra benefits or perks as comes with many large companies.

List of Top 15 Work From Home Jobs

  1. Social Media Manager
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Blogger
  4. Freelance Writer / Translator
  5. Youtuber
  6. Virtual Assistant
  7. Data Entry
  8. Web Developer
  9. Customer Care 
  10. Medical Transcriptionist
  11. Travel Agent
  12. Survey Agent
  13. Affiliate Marketing
  14. Online Tutoring
  15. Jack of all trades

We could have included much more in the list, but due to space constraint we can’t. The above list seems to be the most lucrative and in demand these days. Now let us see about each of the above in more detail.

Social Media Manager (SMM)

Today, everything is on social media. If something is not being talked about in facebook, twitter, instagram etc, then it’s probably not worth talking about. (The opposite is true sometimes as well.) And let’s face it, how cool is it to get paid to do something you’d do all day anyway? All you have to do is to post and manage material about a given product or topic on various social media platforms.

Small to medium sized businesses profit most with social media activity, especially those who can’t afford much to spend on advertisements. However, when do CEOs have time to go on facebook? So, they offload these works to offshore contract takers. Depending upon how much they stand to gain, they pay pretty good money for this as well. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It seems everybody’s got a website now, but how do you make people find your site? Most people find stuff by searching online. So, being on top of the list of search results has become crucial for businesses with a productive internet presence. Here is where SEOs come in. They employ various tactics and registrations to make a search engine more aware of your web site.

South asian countries have become particularly adept at this kind of indirect promotional methods, so now most of the western world depends upon them to uplift their sites through search results lists. It requires no more than a functioning computer, a good internet connection, and knowledge of SEO. Depending upon how clever you are at this, you can earn literally lakhs in a few months.


The word ‘Blog’ comes from shortening the phrase ‘web log’ which basically means online journaling. This has evolved much further, of course. Now you can make a blog about pretty much everything and it is one of the best ways to have a passive income. 

It’s simple, you write things in your blog that people will read, and when many people are visiting your blog, you put advertisements in the blog and earn regular money through them. Write about interesting topics like cooking and travel or politics, put up your posts in a few social groups, and you will be popular soon.

Another way to make money through blogging is to do affiliate marketing. In this method, you get paid to write about some product. Most review sites run on this. Companies pay good money to get a positive review from a reputed reviewer or announcer site. Combined with ads, this can mean so much incoming bucks that you have to hire an accountant!

Freelance Writer and Translator

With the advancement of blogging and other content, the need for quality informative written content has increased to no end. And there is always a shortage of people who can produce more than copy-paste articles. For this reason, content writers are in demand in almost every industry across the spectrum. Plenty of blog owners and companies are ready to hire people with good writing skills.

Related to this, translators are very much required these days for multinational concerns. Indians are a good choice in this since most of them know 3-4 languages. However, people who can do good quality non-literal translation are few and are always in great demand. Again, you need no more than a good computer, internet, and your brain.


We have already covered how to make money from youtube in another article in much greater detail. Today, we will just skim over the top of this matter. Being a youtuber is very much like being a blogger – except with videos, not text or photos. You post informative videos on youtube and earn from advertisements, plus with affiliate marketing, when you’re popular enough.

However, there’s a catch. Bet you have spotted already? Yes, making the video. Writing something is easy, but making a video requires way more. You need a good camera and mic, good spot to shoot the video, some knowledge and software for editing the footage – and of course, the script for it. But these are not very difficult – start simple and progress toward more complexity.

This guide about setting up a small video studio may be helpful.

Virtual Assistant

This line of part time work at home job is getting increasingly popular lately. Here, you take over most administrative tasks that can be performed online from someone high up in a company. With particular specialization like accountancy, you can take some of that load off small and medium businesses as well. 

Generally, the tasks for virtual assistants include organization and admin work, email handling, enquiry handling, creating business documents, filing e-forms, Managing the website etc. In some cases you may be required to directly talk to employees or clients via web calls.

Anybody can become a virtual assistant as most of the tasks don’t require much specialized skills. All you need is decent communication capabilities, and comfortable with the nooks and crannies of common office software like MS Office or Google Docs. 

Data Entry

This is a no-brainer. Anyone who can type can be a data entry executive. All you need is a decent typing speed with good accuracy. A good data entry operator has 35-40 words per minute typing speed, which is not uncommon in India. This makes data entry one of the top part time jobs in India.

As with all of the jobs in this list, you will need a decent office level computer, good uninterrupted internet, some common online or offline office software. Make sure you have a good keyboard with the computer (mechanical or flat ones work best). If you know many keyboard shortcuts and can work most of the time without touching the mouse.

More often than not, you have to copy data off scanned images to digital documents. However, sometimes, data entry work is mixed with other stuff. For example, you may need to research on the internet and gather the email addresses and phone numbers of a few hundred companies using a certain type of product. These are less typing, more searching work.

Web Developer

With everything going online, web developers are needed everywhere. And it being one of the easiest software development work to be learned, there are web developers of every size everywhere. However, good web developers are not so many in number. That means, once you gather good skills, have a good brain in your skull, and keep up with technologies as they change, you stand to attract website and web app development contracts from large companies.

Of course, that translates into a huge amount of money, even lakhs monthly. A single website design can net you 30-40k easily. Besides, there is the regular maintenance and updating work going on in websites everywhere. Most freelance web developers who are not that skilled compensate with web graphics design skills, which they can use in tandem with web development in order to deliver a more wholesome work to small and medium businesses and startups.

Customer Care Executive

What do we think of when we think of customer care? Great halls with rows and rows of partitioned banks, with a crowd of people, right? That picture is changing gradually. Due to the difficulty and cost of keeping up that kind of infrastructure, some companies are preferring to offload the customer care work to freelancers in work at home jobs. 

Most of these kinds of work are the non-voice kind, using chat or email to connect to the computer. The company supplies the software which you must use to connect to the customers, and a great knowledge base about the product. All you need to do is to attend to the incoming chats or emails and answer the customer accordingly. 

Needless to say, you need to have refined manners, at least in work. Also, you cannot choose your work time – they monitor your progress. An exception is the opposite of customer care – business development, or outcalling. Here you are set a target instead, which you must fulfill by calling people and getting more business in.

Medical Transcriptionist

This is a rather new field in online part time jobs. A medical transcriptionist is one who prepares a prescription from an audio recording of the doctor dictating the medicines and treatments. This method is very popular in western countries with busy doctors. A decent computer, good typing skills, good earpiece, and ability to understand what the doctors are saying are all you need.

Though it helps greatly to have a course in medical transcription, it is not mandatory to get a medical transcription job. Though there are plenty of such part time jobs available on freelancing sites, you should know that there’s plenty of pressure in this job as well. Your error may mean someone’s death. So, you need to be able to deliver fast, and deliver perfect work as a medical transcriptionist.

Travel Agent

Online travel agencies are plenty, but many people want the personal touch. Especially if they are businesspeople who travel often and want things to be ready without going through the hassle. Also they don’t want to talk to the tiringly polite customer service, more than anything. Here, being a travel agent pays off.

A travel agent books flights, trains, cars, rentals, hotels and other accommodation for people who are going somewhere. The agent may also need to arrange fooding and other requirements that one may need abroad. If any difficulties arise, the agent should also be capable of fixing it quickly by any means, because someone is depending upon them. 

There are a lot of online travel agencies operating from India. So the competition is quite a lot. It helps if you have your own travel web site, and if you are specializing in one location. For those who are more into generalizing stuff, this overlaps often with virtual assistant jobs, so you have some flexibility here.

Survey Agent

Online surveys are quite common these days. So are the demands of people doing them for cheap without infrastructure requirements. You probably already have to give many surveys already. Why not get paid for your time and analysis? Especially when you can actually influence a company’s decision-making with your fair and balanced reviews.

Surveys are very important for businesses. They let the businesses understand the market and place their products accordingly. For example, an e-commerce web site may ask you what kinds of products you wish to see more on their site. You noticed that there are only a few choices of medical products, so you mention them. If the site gathers enough such answers, they will of course provide more of those products.

Online surveys are a quite relaxed and stress-free way to make some money through a part time job. You just have to give your opinion about a lot of stuff. As long as you are fair in your judgement and are dependable to make a realistic result, you will be in demand as a critic. 

Affiliate Marketing

We have mentioned affiliate marketing as a part of blogging and youtubing before. But how about you go do that full-time? Yes, you can do it. Though, you need a little bit of infrastructure for that. First off, you would need a website on which you can sell stuff. Then you need a contract with retailer sites and companies who will pay you for vending their product on your site.

The good stuff is that unlike normal business you don’t have to keep anything in store or worry about the shipping and handling. All that is taken care of by the parent company. All you have to do is to place an order on the affiliate site as soon as the order is placed on your site, and direct the shipping address to the customer’s location. 

Of course, you have to be registered for such business, and have secure payment gateways. For some products, you can get a lot of profit. For example, I know of a site selling adult toys in affiliation with AliExpress, making 200% or more profit. 

Online Tutoring

Due to the recent outbreak, there has been a sudden surge of online tutoring requirements. If you are an expert on any subject and have good video chat capabilities on your network package, you should definitely go for it. Many people these days are leaning towards homeschooling, and others want to take help with their studies outside school or college. Indeed, you’ll find high school kids offering good money for someone else to do their homework for them.

Some research collaboration work falls under this category as well. Being an expert in subject matter, you can work as a remote consultant with many teaching institutions. In fact some well-known masters in their field take online classes through video conferencing. If you always were good at making people understand stuff but didn’t want to go to classes, this would be an ideal work at home job for you.

Jack of all trades

This is not one job but a collection of any sorts of micro work that you may get paid for. The freelancing sites are full of such tiny jobs with tiny payments. Most big freelancers don’t bother with that stuff because it’s not worth their time or efforts. Well then who will think of the little people? You will, of course.

These small jobs with small pay can be of any types, not hard to do, and don’t generally take more than 2-3 hours of your time. If you’re just sitting on your hand doing nothing, this is a great way to make a few extra bucks. These jobs can include digging up some data over the internet, writing small pieces, designing small graphics, giving a review, collecting images or documents, solving a bunch of captcha, helping someone fix something via video chat – the list can be endless.


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