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Restarting Your Career After A Break

Sometimes, you have to take a breather. Working continuously, day after day, toiling on for months, years at end levies a heavy toll on both body and mind. That is why in modern societies there is a growing trend of taking a break from career once or twice in life. That is fine, but how do you restart your career after a break?

This condition affects women more than men. Women, being the child-bearers, have to take a long break from work due to pregnancy and early baby care. For men, the break may come later in life, sometimes even in the form of a mid-life crisis. Career options for women in India are already tight enough. With the addition of mandatory breaks, it can be hard to get back to work, especially for women here. Let us see today how to cope with this.

Explain Your Absence Professionally

Let’s face it. The corporate world doesn’t care about you. Management will seriously dislike bringing your personal issues in the office. It does not matter whether the HR or the manager as an individual understands your situation. Regardless, saying things like “I was taking care of my family” might earn you a demotion. If you are looking for a new job after a break, reasons like that might just kick you back to the fresher level.

However, what if you can say and prove that you didn’t let your skills rust? That is exactly the kind of stuff the offices want to hear. Moreover, if you can show that you have actually added something useful to your experience and/or skills, that will be just peachy! Your resume should reflect all the skills you have learned in the past and in the break.

Showing that you valued your profession more than your personal life will always be praised in the corporate world. It is a bit sad, but this is the world we live in. And you have to accept that if you want a sabbatical in your career.

Time Management Issues

If you were taking a break from career to start a family, then it would definitely affect your work schedule. You wouldn’t be able to put as much time in the office as before. That is because you will need to care for your baby as well, right? Also, you can’t be relied upon to take care of emergencies anymore. The management is painfully aware of this, trust me. 

This is precisely why you will have to show that your scheduling is still of good use to the company. Again, it requires deliberately tilting your work-life balance. When you are looking for new work after the break, you should try to make sure that the company’s schedule rhymes with your own. For example, if you were doing rotating shifts before in a BPO, you will now need to find a standard shift work.

You don’t have to jump-start it

For men, even when they don’t have those issues, restarting the career may be a pain. In this case, try not to run too fast too soon. Start slow and easy. If you have the option, why not freelance for a while? Alternatively, you can try enrolling for part-time work for a while. You might even want to intentionally downgrade yourself for a while. 

For example, if you’re hard up finding your previous app development job, you might consider working in a BPO for a while, just for the kicks. This may give you the opportunity to learn new skills, as well as get wise to different work atmospheres. This versatility may be very well-received when you finally manage to get back to your original career.


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