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Career Options for Women in the Modern Era

This isn’t the 20th century anymore. Women in the 21st century are stepping forward in financial independence. They want what men have enjoyed for ages; freedom of making their own life decisions. Also, surveys say women are multitasking, flexible, and hard-working in whatever job they choose to do. For these reasons, the modern job market is opening up to female candidates more and more.  So, let’s see today what are the best career options for women in India these days.


This is great for women who want to start their own business. It is becoming more and more noticeable at the grassroots levels. In rural and suburban areas, women are starting and running their own small businesses. This is possible for two main reasons. One, women in low-income group zones often have great social networks, which they can utilize very well in their home-shop. Secondly, the government is providing great small-scale business and industry loans, with special benefits for women.

Career Counselor

Many women are great at understanding people at the core. This makes these women good judges of character. Which, in turn, makes them very capable of analyzing students or freshers and redirect them to the career path they need. Also, they are great at convincing and motivating people. Therefore, career counseling in India is running well on women’s shoulders these days.

Teaching and Tuition

It has been long since many women take up teaching as a career option to become independent. It is still equally relevant these days. In fact, it has become even more prominent since the blossoming of many private schools and kindergartens and coaching centers in neighborhoods in the last couple of decades. Nowadays it is very easy for any girl with good grades to get a teaching job right after graduation. 

Not only that, but tuition is also another great option for women who want to share knowledge and make some money with it. Modern women are not afraid to travel to many different houses in the evenings, and so they are making good money for coaching kids after school. Apart from kids, talented women can also choose to teach adults in painting, physical exercise, cooking, and similar home-based skills.

Medical Industry

Women are biologically made to be natural caregivers. As such, the healthcare industry is inclining more and more towards hiring women in all fields, top to bottom. In our country especially, most of the nursing and midwifery positions are held by women. Also, female doctors receive the kind of social standing that was reserved for men till now. Not to mention, because women are more understanding of nature, they make great psychologists. All these reasons make healthcare one of the best career options for women.

Human Resources

For women who want to drive their career car on the corporate asphalt, this is a great option. The field of human resource management is rapidly evolving and growing in India. Natural intuition about sorting out good people from a heap of application is making female employees a favorite in this field. Also, in the headhunting phase, obviously, a smiling, convincing woman is more useful. And, existing female employees in a company feel much more at ease with a female HR understanding their issues at the office.


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