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How Career Counseling in India is Conducted in Helping Students

Often ignored, career counseling can be a major help for students. With this, a student can figure out just the right path for their career. Career counseling in India is still not quite mature. Consequently, you may find so-called counseling services that pretend to do a lot of analysis. However, more often than not, these people just advise the students to take the general, well-beaten track. Worse, they sometimes suggest some of the affiliate institution courses that may not at all be good for the student in question. Therefore, you should always choose a counselor who actually targets the student’s needs, rather than their own benefits.

What is Career Counseling?

Broadly spoken, career counseling is guiding a person towards the right education and professional path. This is achieved by analyzing the person’s skillset, psychological profile, and self-understanding. 

Generally, career counselors in India do this work in the following four stages:

A. Personal Evaluation

This phase is dedicated to understanding the client. It has two major parts:

1. Psychological Understanding

To know what type of career you are most suitable for, the counselor must know what kind of person you are. Therefore, this part is the majority of the phase. It consists of psychometric tests, personal interviews, and group interactions. The characteristics and behavioral traits of the student then goes into file. Which is then used as a reference point for making decisions on the career path.

2. Skillset determination

A person’s career depends hugely upon the skills and training they already have. To record these, the counselor conducts skill tests with the student. They may also conduct mock tests. This lets them understand the type of skills the client has. Not only that, but they also get to realize the level of proficiency you possess in each skill. 

B. Corrective Measures

Most of the time, after conducting the previous phase, it is seen that the student had been going about this rather haphazardly. Evidently this is quite common in India. This is because there are few experienced people capable of properly guiding students down a suitable career path. 

We often see that many student’s educational decisions clash with their psych profile. For example, how often do you see a person who is actually better at singing or painting being forced into engineering? Exactly. In such situations, a truly caring career counselor may advise you to change your career path altogether. More often than not, they do advise some correctional courses or training that support or mutate your existing skills.

C. Opportunity Discussion

Once the counselor has understood the student’s strengths and weaknesses clearly. Then they can figure out the most suitable career options for the student. This phase has its own issues. First of all, the student may have reservations for some of the best options. 

For example, people great at interpersonal communication would obviously do good in the customer service industry. However, the Indian public disfavors BPO jobs in particular. Malpractices in the industry had created this situation. Either way, it is the counselor’s duty to motivate the student to the best path even though they do not favor it. 

Sometimes, the person may not be happy with the choice at all. Then, instead of giving up, the counselor has to provide other options to the student as well. This process can take time and can be frustrating. But a common decision must be reached.

D. Admission Assistance

Just advising the student is not enough! The counselor must help the student enter the relevant field as well. This process consists of preparing the student for entrance exams and other tests that are necessary. It also includes finding and giving the student all the data they need to enter the field. 

Sometimes, the student may be favoring one particular institution over others. The counselor should be able to get admission to that institution. Failing that, the counselor must be able to provide suitable alternatives.

Wrapping up

A good counseling service would have the facility to conduct all of the above on their own premises. Some smaller services, or individual career counselors, might be sending you to other institutions for some of the phases. Either way, as long as they are concentrating on exactly your requirements, you are in good hands. 

In a short few years, Career Counselling in India has come a long way. Many people are taking the help of professional counselors now. Whereas only a few years ago, they thought taking help is a shameful option. Let us reiterate! Taking help for your career is not a bad thing at all. Also, in no way does it make you seem weaker. However, you need to be wise in choosing a career counselor. You should also check the background and the history of a counselor before you invest in them.


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