How to Get Rich From Youtube – A Brief Guide

Rich From Youtube

Do you want to get rich easily, working at home, about things you love or are passionate about? Most people might say, such things don’t exist. Wrong! There is an easy way to make tons of money using one of the most popular video platforms – Youtube. Today, we will see how to get rich from Youtube. 

The basic idea is simple. Advertisements. Make an interesting video, upload it, register for ads, and sit back and see the cash flowing in. Of course, it’s a bit more complicated than that. And not so easy, or else everybody would have been doing it.

Youtube is the most popular video-sharing website ever. Period. With over 300 hours of content being uploaded every hour, this is one of the heaviest content sharing portals ever. There are billions of youtube users and your video will be accessible to each and every one of them instantly. That is unless your video is age or location restricted. 

The more interesting your video is, the more people will see it, and the more money the ad companies will give you. This can have a huge snowball effect accumulating to gigantic bank balances. For example, a simple 55-second video called “Charlie bit my finger” that started as just a family sharing is so popular now that is now so popular it generates over a million dollars per month in advertising revenues and has nearly a billion views by now.

Many Indians are following this path to be successful YouTubers. Some of the famous Indian YouTubers are Bhuvan Bam, Gaurav Chowdhury, Sandeep Maheshwari, Nisha Madhulika, Tanmay Bhat, etc. If they can, you can too! Let us go step-by-step through how to get rich from the youtube process.

Step 1: Choose a topic

This is the most vitally important part of the whole process. You must decide on a proper subject. People must be talking about this subject, or something awesome. Either way, it must be a very interesting subject for most of the people. Not all popular videos are accidental miracles like the charlie-finger clip – you have to make them popular. If you can snag an international audience, the more the merrier. 

You have to be careful about choosing the subject of the video. Things that may seem interesting that make trouble are really not worth it. For example, pornographic or violent material will attract a lot of crowds, to be frank. But they might as well block you as well. Not to mention the almost-sure visit by police or worse.

Step 2. Make the video

You need some skills in this part. If the subject requires you to perform a part or deliver a speech, then you need a good appearance. If the video is instructive, make sure you know about what you do. The audio is as important as the video as it complements and completes the video. So your script and narration need to be solid as well.

You can start recording videos using your phone or your webcam. For professional production, you would need better equipment such as movie cameras, mics, and stands. The set also matters.

Step 3: Make a channel and upload the clip

You need a youtube or google account for this. Create a channel, set up information about it, and upload the clip here. As simple as that. You need to format the title of the video in such a way that it attracts attention. The featured image of the video should be the same as well. Make sure you give proper tags and write a good description of the video. The description of the video is also important! Because, this is where you can put your SEO skills to use to make the video appear on more web searches.

Step 4. Join the Youtube Partnership Program

This is where you actually make the money. The YPP enables the video uploaders to earn money through revenue generation. This money comes via ads on youtube and the premium subscriptions. Youtube Partnership Program requires that you got 4000 hours of channel watching and 1000 subscribers altogether over the last year. So, no easy stuff here – you have to be popular already in order to start making money.

Step 5. Promote your video

Just posting a video is not enough; you must make sure that many people know about it. The best way of it is SMO – social media optimization. You should and must share the video over the most popular social media platforms, and try to make those social posts as interesting as possible so that people like/love and share them with other people. A really good video with good social media promotion creates a snowballing effect where the more people see it the more people share it. People colloqually call it “going viral” of a video. That is because viruses works in pretty much the same way. If you can get a video to go viral, there are truly no limits on how widely it will spread.

How much money can you make from Youtube?

This, of course, depends upon the video. However, generally a good YouTuber can get $3 to $10 per 100 views of one video. That is including all kinds of advertisements with and around it. You can increase this by connecting your YouTube monetization account to Google AdSense. Youtube gets 45% of the earning and you get 55% of the total revenue from Adsense. This means about  $1-2 per 1000 views of your video. According to Business Insider, Pewdiepie makes a cool 4 million dollars net.

There are other ways to increase even that. If you are a popular YouTuber, chances are that companies will contact you to promote their product on your video. They call it Affiliate Marketing. You can see it most in TV reality/instructional shows. Here they tell you specifically what products they are using to make something happen or which company is giving the prizes. If your video has gone viral, you can license it and rent out the usage rights to big media companies. If your video is about a cause, then Youtube is a great place for crowdsourcing. 

Play smart and be cool, give something interesting or entertaining or even both – and soon you will start making beaucoup bucks from youtube.


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