Best Resume Formats for Government Jobs

Hello, dear readers! Today we will talk about how to write a good resume. We will also share some of the best resume formats common nowadays. Because, you must have a killer resume to land a job.

What is a Resume

The word “resume” is old french. It means ‘simplified’, ‘summarized’, or ‘compacted’. Which in turn means, the resume is a kind of biographical data that is short and to the point, with not a bit of extra data dangling around. The big brother of resume is the Curriculum Vitae or CV, which should contain all the information about you that can be relevant for the job.

When to give Resume  and when to give CV?

Well, this depends upon the employer’s requirements at the moment. If it is the preliminary screening phase, it’s best to send your resume only. This is because at this time the HR is busy sorting through a whole lot of job applications, and they don’t have the time to read a whole lot of data about one particular candidate. That is why at the screening phase they would love a short document that nicely and clearly points out the features about you.

However, when you are sitting at the interview and you know the interviewer has time to read, present your CV. At that time, the interviewer needs to know everything about you, so it would be best if she doesn’t have to probe everything out of you.

How to write a good resume

Controlling the data

When writing your resume, you need to be careful about what you are putting in there. A resume should be intensely about yourself, your skills, and your experience. Everything that is directly related to the job should and must go in a resume. While, the best resumes do not have any unnecessary information in them. Those bits are better left for CV’s.

Using proper language

Your resume, CV and bio-data all must be written in a brisk, businesslike manner. The language must be polite yet short. Needless to say, grammar and spelling mistakes are unpardonable in resumes. As well as refrain from using little-used terms or ways of speech. 

Formatting and Readability

Use blocks and paragraphs to separate different types of information in your resume. The best resume formats are those that look clean and divided into clear sections. Also, you have to choose a font that looks very clean and professional and is easy to read. The size of the font matters here as well. Do not use too many fonts; this irritates the reader. 

The color of the resume matters as well. Most people just present a plain white paper with some text on it. Insted, you can print the same text on some other colored paper to make your resume stand out. Be cautioned, though – using colors that are too funky or disturbing are going to put you in trouble. Use very light, subdued colors.

Using different text and data formats

Make sure to use numbering, bullet points, levelled headings, etc. in your resume and CV. These are great ways to display data and increase the readability of your document. It goes true for other documents too, not only resumes.

Keep some space

Often the HR’s need to write some short information on your resume or CV for their own office use. If the resume page is full in all directions, then they would have to write these in the back of the resume page. Consequently, it may lead to confusion among them. Which, in turn, may make them passively dislike your resume. Do not take that chance! Keep some space at the top or bottom where the HR or interviewer can scribble notes. Better if you can actually provide a “For Office Use” section in your resume or CV. That way you will look professional and they will secretly be thankful for your foresight.

Some of the Best Resume Formats

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